Friday, September 27, 2013

I Am Behind!

Surprise! We are still alive and well in Alaska. I cannot believe that next week is October. Let me see what I can do to catch this Blog up. Forgive me if I say things I have already said. Summer came and went. Once we returned from Oklahoma the weather was BEAUTIFUL here in Alaska. Fairbanks broke a record for the number of days reaching 80 degrees - which were at least 30 and maybe more. I actually wore shorts and sandles this summer and got a tan. I spent many afternoons in the yard with Charlie. I could stay forever if we could have weather like we had in July and August. We really didn't venture too far this summer as I worked at Summer School and Richard was the only Optometrist on Post. Speaking of Richard, he still loves his job. I'm not sure he is ever going to want to leave Alaska. YIKES...that thought kinda of scares me. School started in August and I am back at the Star of the North as a Special Ed Aide. It is a new adventure everyday. They are still trying to get me to become Alaskan certified. I only have four students that I am responsible for this year and sometimes those four are more than enough. I still keep my eyes and ears open for other job possiblities. Honestly, I really miss being in the classroom as a teacher. Two weeks ago we rode the train to Denali and spent the night there with another couple from church. The ride was amazing and the colors were beautiful. I will try to post some picture at a later date. If you are on Facebook, all the pictures are there. We only saw one moose on the way up and one moose on the way back. We see another train adventure in the future. We have already had night temperatures in the 20's. The daytime temperatures seem to vary from 25-60. We have had snow twice. Thankfully it hasn't lasted long, but I know those days are not far away. I did see my first bull moose on the way to work recently. Unfortunately for him he was dead. He was hit by a truck. He was HUGE and only one-half mile from our house. Next week I will fly to Seattle for a few days. Eric will be meeting me there. It is Don's birthday, so I am excited to not only spend time with Eric, but to spend time with Don and see the sites of Seattle. Plans are in the making for Christmas. We really haven't decide whether we will fly mom, Eric, and Myles (if he will fly) here or if we will fly home. It is actually cheaper to fly them here than for us to fly to Oklahoma. I know...that is CRAZY.... I guess you could say we are settled in Alaska and it is life as normal so there isn't always alot to write about. However, I will continue to keep this Blog updated, but probably not as often as I did the first year we were here. Hope all of you are well. We still think of you often and miss you all. Be Blessed....enjoy fall.... Sally


  1. Hey Mrs. Madden this is Linda Pruitt sorry it has been a long time since I posted anything on your blog. We are doing alright got settled in our new home and we love it. Everything is going good at the Pregnancy Care Center, I do not see many people from WTC and the people that was in your class, I have a facebook page. Well I guess I will let you go for now Linda Pruitt

  2. Hey Mrs. Madden this is Linda Pruitt how are you doing fine I hope? We are doing alright the weather has been cold and we have had some snow, sorry it has been a long time since I bloged Love to hear from you Linda Pruitt